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Conference Program


Medieval Association of the Pacific

50th Anniversary Conference

March 31–April 2, 2016

Hosted by the

University of California, Davis




Thursday, March 31


Conference Center Atrium

Opening Session: 4-5:15 PM

Conference Center Ballroom A

Global Middle Ages

Presider: Kevin Roddy (Emeritus, University of California, Davis)

•  Going Beyond the Seas: Travellers, Dangers, and General Attorneys in Fourteenth-Century England, Arlene Sindelar (University of British Columbia)

•  Translating the Scholarly Slave-Girl: the Qissat al-Jāriya al-‘ limah : from the 1001 Nights to the Mayan Yucatan, Christine Chism (UCLA)

•  Dreamtime, circa 1000? Rolf de Heer’s Ten Canoes  and ‘medieval’ Arnhem Land, Louise D’Arcens (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)


 Reception: 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Ralph Hexter, UCD

Richard Unger, UBC

Ballroom B, UC Davis



 Friday, April 1

Registration and Book Fair: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Coffee and Refreshments: 8:00 - 11:00 am, Conference Center Atrium


Session I: 9:00 - 10:30 am

1. Looking East and West in Medieval Monastic Hagiography

Ballroom A

 Presider: Georgiana Donavin (Westminster College)

•  Captive Crusaders between East and West in Twelfth-Century Hagiography, Katherine Allen Smith (University of Puget Sound)

•  Persian East and Irish West in Hohenstaufen Germany, Scott Wells (California State University, Los Angeles)

•  Visions in the Desert: Imagining the Desert as God’s Dwelling Place in the Early Medieval West, Susan Wade (Keene State College)


 2. Anglo-Saxon Lives and Letters

Conference Room A

 Presider: Mark Amodio (Vassar College)

•  “With the twelve prayer psalms, I adjure you . . .” The Use of Psalms in Anglo-Saxon Charm Performance, Leslie Arnovick (University of British Columbia)

•  Veneration of Literacy and Learning in the Works of Bede, April Crandall (University of Nevada, Reno)

• Imago Dei and Old English Saints’ Lives, Heather Maring (Arizona State University)


 3. War

Conference Room B

 Presider: Sally McKee (University of California, Davis)

•  Style and Trauma in Malory’s Morte Arthure, Anne Laskaya (University of Oregon)

•  The Art of War: Teaching the Warrior Ethos to Disadvantaged College Students, Kim Klimek (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

•  Is Beowulf a Tang dynasty poem? Michael Calabrese (California State University, Los Angeles)


 4. Advice, Conduct, and Citizenship

Ballroom B

 Presider: Arlene Sindelar (University of British Columbia)

•  Sancho IV and Juan Manuel Advise Their Sons: Be Chaste, Stay Sober and Keep Good Company, Maria Cecilia Ruiz (University of San Diego)

•  The Good Conciliar Citizen: Nicholas Cusa at the Council of Basel, Denise Kawasaki (SUNY Empire State College)

•  The Example of Rome: Friendship and the Republic in Decameron  X.8, Monica Keane (University of California, Davis, Independent Scholar)

  • John Bale’s Reforming Drama, Julie Paulson (San Francisco State University)


Session II: 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

1. Global Networks/Local Objects: Museum Display in the Global Middle Ages

Conference Room A

 Presider: Bryan C. Keene (The J. Paul Getty Museum, Pepperdine University)

•  Global Trade and Innovation in Blue and White Ceramics, Amelia Brown (The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Courtauld Institute of Art)

•  Adapting the Byzantine, Alexandra Kaczenski (The J. Paul Getty Museum, Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship in Post-Classical Latin, UCLA)

•  Peregrinations of Pewter and Parchment, Rheagan Martin (The J. Paul Getty Museum, Pepperdine University)


 2. Medieval Mysticism: Persia and Beyond

Ballroom A

 Presider: Jocelyn Sharlet (University of California, Davis)

•  Eckhart, Porete, al-Hallāj : Medieval Parallels, Stephanie Violette (University of New Mexico)

•  The Medieval Persian Poetics of Creation, Pardis Minuchehr (George Washington University)

•  The Concept of Taste (Dhawq ) in Later Sufism: Rumi’s Mathnawi in Context, Leyla Tajer (International Islamic University Malaysia)


 3. Digital Pedagogy in Medieval Studies

Conference Room B

 Presider: Phyllis Brown (Santa Clara University)

•  Digital Journeys: Using ArcGIS Story Maps in a Medieval Travel Course, Kate Craig (Auburn University)

•  Digital Tools for Teaching Art History: Online Exhibitions and 3D Reconstructions, Kristine Tanton (Pomona College)

•  Omeka as a Digital Platform for Undergraduate Research on Medieval London, Esther Liberman Cuenca (Fordham University)


 4. Controlling Commodities

Ballroom C

 Presider: Shirin Khanmohamadi (University of San Francisco)

•  Controlling Prostitution in Hispania under Municipal and Ecclesiastical Power, Maria Margarita Tascon González (University of León)

•  Cattle-Raiding and the Marismas of Seville in the Poema de Alfonso onceno, Michael McGlynn (National Taiwan University)

•  A Historical and Semiotic Analysis of Clothing in the Cantigas de Santa Maria, Linda Matheson (University of California, Davis)



Luncheon Ballroom B

MAP Business Meeting

Michael Hanly, President, MAP, presiding

Coffee and Refreshments: 2:00 - 4:00 pm, Conference Center Atrium


Session III: 2:30- 4:00 pm

1. Music, Devotion, and Divine Authority

Conference Room A

 Presider: Catherine Saucier (Arizona State University)

• Defeating Antichrist, Defending the Church: Music in the Ludus de Antichristo, Leann Wheless Martin (University of Washington School of Music)

• Ut nos quos amabat : Building Community at Cambrai Cathedral Through Musical Devotions, Jane Hatter (University of Utah School of Music)

• Fons et origo : Rome and the Development of European Sacred Music, c. 500-c. 1500, John T. Brobeck (University of Arizona, School of Music)


 2. Late Antique Territories and Genealogies

Ballroom A

 Presider: Jocelyn Sharlet (University of California, Davis)

•  Theodora’s Apples: Representing a Holy Mother, Kriszta Kotsis (University of Puget Sound)

•  Symeon and the ‘Arabs’: A Case of Demographic Change in Northern Syria, Dina Boero (Independent Scholar)

•  Ethnogenesis: Parallels in the Formation of Islam and the West, Yuen-Gen Liang (Wheaton College)


 3. John Gower’s Learning

Conference Room B

 Presider: John Fyler (Tufts University)

•  Midas’s Touch: Erotic Economies in Book V of the Confessio Amantis, Diane Cady (Mills College)

•  Gower and the Science of Classical Narratives, Amanda Gerber (Eastern New Mexico University)

•  The School Days of John Gower: Reflections on Trivium  Texts in his Poetry, Georgiana Donavin (Westminster College)


 4. 20th  and 21st  Century Receptions

Ballroom C

 Presider: Matthew Vernon (University of California, Davis)

•  Brienne the Beauty and the Tradition of Chivalric Romance, Tori White (University of California, Davis)

•  Global Medievalism: From Model Books to Manga, Leslie Ross (Dominican University of California)

•  Shieldmaidens, Slaves, and Earls: Women in 21st Century Viking Narratives, Cloe Le Gall-Scoville (University of California, Davis)


Plenary 4:15 - 5:30 pm

Ballroom B

Monica Green, History, Arizona State University

 A Global Middle Ages: Genetic Connections


Joan Cadden, Emerita, History, UC Davis


 Conference Banquet: 7:00 - 9:30 pm

Buehler Alumni Center

50th Anniversary Celebration

 Michael Hanly, President MAP, Presiding

 Past Presidents of MAP: George Brown, Phyllis Brown, Georgiana Donavin, Andy Kelly, Dhira Mahoney, Jerry Murphy, Anita Obermeier, Glenn Olsen, Richard Rouse, Richard Unger, Nancy van Deusen



 Saturday, April 2

Registration and Book Fair: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Coffee and Refreshments: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Session IV: 8:30-10:00

1. Crossroads: Mediterranean Networks of Trade and Influence

Ballroom A

 Presider: Brenda Deen Schildgen (University of California, Davis)

•  Falconry as Literary Exchange in the Thirteenth-Century Mediterranean, Sara Petrosillo (University of California, Davis)

•  A Viking Sepulcher? The Crusades and the Parish Church at Forshem, Sean Mock (University of Oregon)

•  Swedes, Slavs, and Silver: Viking Actions and Impact in Russia, and the Levant, Bryna Milligan (University of New Mexico)


2. Male and Female in Medieval French Literature

Ballroom C

 Presider: Noah Guynn (University of California, Davis)

• Conditions of the Female Gaze: Regulating Masculine and Feminine Desire in Bisclavret, Kortney Stern (Mills College)

• Bisclavret: a Rereading of Little Red Riding Hood, Doaa Omran (University of New Mexico)

• The Voyage of Tristan and Yseut: Tracing the Iterations of Thomas’s Almost-Lost Love Dialogue, Kathryn Levine (University of California, Berkeley)


 3. Medieval Music: The Word and the Note

Conference Room B

 Presider: Jane Hatter (University of Utah)

•  Singing What is Not Easily Said: Sounds and Songs in Medieval Chronicles from Saint Gall, Prague, and St. Évroult, Lori Kruckenberg (University of Oregon)

•  The Poetics of Melody: Remedy of Fortune, Chris Gobeille (University of California, Los Angeles)

•  The Grammar and Rhetoric of Gregorian Chant, William Peter Mahrt (Stanford University)


 4. Conveying Knowledge in Late Middle English

Conference Room A

 Presider: Robert Rouse (University of British Columbia)

•  The Knowledge Problem: Christian Authority in The Book of John Mandeville, Chelsea Henson (El Camino College)

•  John Mandeville and the World in Movement, Gina Lorenz (UCLA)

•  Printing the End of the Canterbury Tales : Caxton to Skeat (and Beyond), Míceál Vaughan (University of Washington)


 Session V 10:15 am - 11:30 pm

1. Anti-Judaism: Legend, Chronicle, Image

Conference Room A

 Presider: Michael Calabrese (California State University, Los Angeles)

•  Why the Legend of Harold of Gloucester is a Boy Crucifixion Story, Roger Dahood (University of Arizona)

•  Prooftext Rhetoric: A Critique of Cosmopolitanism in the Chronicle of Solomon bar Samson, Natalie E. Latteri (University of New Mexico)

•  Ethnic Signs and Strategies in the Stuttgart Psalter, James Mitchell (San Francisco State University)


 2. Monks and Nuns: Theology and Rhetoric

Ballroom A

 Presider: Maureen Miller (University of California, Berkeley)

•  Evolution of Excommunication, Michael McClatchey (University of Nevada, Reno)

•  The Institutionalization of Monastic Practice from Antony to Benedict, James A. Smith (University of Nevada, Reno)

•  Knights and Brides: Purgatory and the Nuns of Helfta, Anna Harrison (Loyola Marymount University)

•  The Rhetorical Politics of Early Cistercian Hagiography, Marjory Lange (Western Oregon University)


 3. Romance Translations: Peoples, Places, Wonders

Conference Room B

 Presider: Emily Albu (University of California, Davis)

•  Oriental Fantasy in Lambert le Tort’s Roman d’Alexandre, David Rollo (University of Southern California)

•  “Of wonder folk 3ee habbeth yherd / that wonneth in this middelerde”: The

Ecological Imagination of Kyng Alisaunder, Robert Rouse (University of British Columbia)

•  Translating Saracens: Genealogies of Islam in Medieval European Epic, Shirin Khanmohamadi (San Francisco State University)


 4. Medicine across Cultural Divisions

Ballroom C

 Presider: Glenn Olsen (University of Utah)

•  Are All Doctors Greek? The Movement of Medical Practitioners, Patients, and Pilgrims in the Early Middle Ages, Norman Underwood (UC Berkeley)

•  Whither Somnos: Problems with Describing Medieval Sleep Patterns in Light of Recent Anthropological Research, Kevin Roddy (UC Davis)


Session VI: 11:45 – 1:00 pm

1. Expanding the World: Mapping West and East

Conference Room B

 Presider: Richard Unger (Emeritus, University of British Columbia)

•  Conceiving Amerigo Vespucci’s Triangle, Carolin Alff (Universität Heidelberg)

•  Medieval Mappaemundi : Juxtaposition and Desire, Jane Beal (UC Davis)

•  East of Antioch on the Medieval Peutinger Map, Emily Albu (UC Davis)


 2. Creating Saints and Crafting Sanctity: Iceland and Ireland to Italy

Ballroom A

 Presider: Kate Craig (Auburn University)

•  Ravenna’s Hagiographic Landscape: Saints Native and Foreign, Eastern and Western, Edward M. Schoolman, (University of Nevada, Reno)

•  Elijah East and West: Mediterranean Prophet, Italian Saint, Alison Locke Perchuk (California State University Channel Islands)

•  Irish Saga and Hagiography: Writing over Cú Chulainn with Colm Cille, Karen Norwood (University of Nevada, Reno)

•  The Edge of the World: Becket’s Cult in Iceland, Kay B. Slocum (Capital University)


 3. Sexual Transgression

Conference Room A

 Presider: Leslie Arnovick (University of British Columbia)

•  Albert the Great on Sodomy, Glenn W. Olsen (University of Utah)

•  Prosecuting Black Africans in the Criminal Courts of 16th  Century Valencia: The Case of the “Poor and Miserable” Widow Lluisa against the amors carnals  of Isabel, Thomas Franke (University of California, Santa Barbara)

•  Carolingian Queen Theutberga’s Fertility, Sterility, and Sodomitical Incest, Anita Obermeier (University of New Mexico)


 4. Locating Identities

Sponsored by MEARCSTAPA

Ballroom C

 Presider: Marijane Osborn (Emerita, University of California, Davis)

• “It tells us that the casket was made from the bone of a beached whale,” Asa Mittman and Susan Kim (California State University, Chico and Illinois State University)

• Her, Hic, H•r: Where in the World is the Franks Casket?, Susan Kim and Asa Mittman (Illinois State University and California State University, Chico)

•  The Hermaphrodite, the Intersex, and the Pardoner's Body, Kim Zarins (California State University, Sacramento)


Lunch 1-2:30

Casual lunch provided

Conference Lobby

Session VII: 2:30 – 3:45

Ballroom A

 Medieval Cities: Crossroads in Time and Space

Presider: Brenda Deen Schildgen (University of California, Davis)

•  Local Alterity: Venice and Its Peripatetic Saint, Letha Ch’ien (University of California, Davis)

•  A Tale of Two Cities: The Roman Jubilee in Padua, 1300-1305, Henrike Christiane Lange (University of California, Berkeley)

•  The Thousand and One Churches of Ani: A Medieval Ghost City in History and Memory, Heghnar Watenpaugh (University of California, Davis)


 Session VIII 4:00-5:15

1. Mapping Global Histories

Ballroom C

 Presider: George Brown (Emeritus, Stanford University)

• Simulating/Dissimulating ‘Islam’ in Medieval Travel Narratives: Representations of Timurid India in Pero Tafur’s Andanças e viajes de Pero Tafur por diversas partes del mundo avidos, Zainab Cheema (University of Texas, Austin)

•  Globalization in the 12th  Century: Gervase of Tillbury’s Interconnected World, Cordelia Ross (University of California, Davis)

•  Charting Knowledge Production in the Islamic Middle Ages, Lillian Fahrhat (Rutgers, State University of New Jersey)


 2. Medievalism in/and the 19th  Century

Conference Room A

 Presider: Seeta Chaganti (University of California, Davis)

•  Isolation, Suffering and Regret: Images of Hell in Franz Liszt’s Dante Symphony, Tekla Babyak (Cornell University)

•  Thomas Becket in Normandy: Resistance and Remembrance, Alyce A. Jordan (Northern Arizona University)

•  When was the West? The Siegfried Myth in Django Unchained, Matthew Vernon (University of California, Davis)


 3. Miracle Stories

Conference Room B

 Presider: Claire Waters (University of California, Davis)

•  A ‘Jewerye’ in ‘Asye’: Necropolitics and the Foreign Space in The Prioress’s Tale, Jacquelyn Hendricks (Santa Clara University)

•  “Sed neque silentio pretereundum”: An Analysis of the Miracles of Saint William of Norwich, Sarah Obenauf (University of New Mexico)

•  Hugh of Lincoln and the Sovereign Exception, Heather Blurton (University of California, Santa Barbara)


 Plenary 5:15 - 6:15 PM

Ballroom B

Professor Andy Kelly, English, UCLA, Emeritus

Introduction, Michael Hanly, President of MAP

Jews and Other Non-Christians in Late Medieval England: By Report and in Person


End of the 2016 MAP Conference